Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Farm - Missouri

First time away from my girl.  :(  We're at Nathan's farm/woods near Bowling Green, MO.  I'm sitting in the shade, it's 65 degrees.  Staring into the woods right now.  I'm hearing an Eastern Wood Peewee, Blue Jay, Red-bellied woodpecker, and a cardinal.  The Barn Swallows overhead occasionally fly through the window of an old and tattered abandoned home next to our tent.  A pair of brown thrashers (pictured below) were visibly concerned that had encroached on their domain.  Cool breeze, cloudless day.  We woke at 4:45, whip-poor-wills still calling.  It's a strange bird that's difficult to spot but easy to hear and ID throughout the night. Fact: they migrate up for the Summer from the Gulf Coast or Central America and lay eggs in phase with the lunar cycle to capitalize on an insect feeding frenzy during a full moon. :D

Sean headed one way this am and at sun-up and I headed the other, my bird quest involving a bit more biodiversity and leisure, his more..  hmm..  I want to say "skill and determination" which is true, but I know a thing or two about birds.  He just happens to know a LOT about one particular bird.  We'll probably be eating some wild turkey soon.

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