Sunday, December 22, 2013

'Tis the Year for Many Snowy Owls

Jerry alerted me to one of the Gyllenhaal's Snowy Owl sightings this am.  I was headed back from Montrose and had to call home to get the ok for my extended outing ;).  Pretty exciting and he was fully supportive..  Apparently this Gyllenhaal had seen eight?? of them at 31st St. Pier.  I got there as others were arriving and we were sure to keep our distance.  I spotted the first one out on the rocks then over the next half hour or so three more came into view.  Just specks to the naked eye out on the breakwater rock wall.  But I got a few pics with Jerry's super-camera that he sent to me and a few more with mine.  Idyllic creatures...  and not bad for a first wild viewing.

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